Many of our customers are from overseas. They come to us because they know they will receive a warm welcome.

And lots of help.

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Our team is international. This means we can often find someone who speaks your language. You can also bring a friend to help. Even your child could act as your interpreter. We will always be delighted to speak to anyone you bring along to make everything as easy as possible for you.

Brilliant customer service

We have built our business on brilliant customer service. We understand your investment is a big decision for you. We realise the process is not easy, especially if English is not your first language. We can even help if you do not speak any English at all.

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We will help you with everything.
We will:

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Explain every detail thoroughly

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Upload all your
documents for you
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Take as much time as you need

Get in touch if you
are looking for...

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All our vehicles :


Our vehicles are popular with

Uber, Bolt, Ola and Free Now drivers.

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We help take the stress out of your investment.

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We offer new and used Rent to buy vehicles. Choosing this option means you invest your money in a fully licenced vehicle you will own at the end of the agreement.

We will look after the licencing and servicing of your rent-to-buy vehicle for you. We will also make sure it is always:

Roadworthy &  Fit for purpose

Choose from:

Hybrid / Plug-in / Fully electric

Our 2025

zero-emission target

All our vehicles will help us become a zero-emission company by 2025. This is:

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Investing in a KJ PCO vehicle will help you help London. Remember, Transport For London’s ultra-low emission policy will be expanded from 21 October 2021. See TFL’s website for more details on this.

Contact us today. We will do everything we can to keep you on the road.

To reserve your vehicle