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Everything you need to know...

Your credit rating is usually not important. We will help to get you and keep you on the road.

You must be 25 years old to apply for KJ PCO vehicles.

Even if you have 0-6 points on your driving licence, we can usually help you get on the road.

With KJ PCO, insurance is included in your rent-to-buy plan. We have built our business on making life as easy as possible for our customers. This is just one of the ways we make it easy for you to stay on the road.

The maximum amount you will pay if you are involved in an accident in a hire vehicle is £900. In a rent-to-buy vehicle, the maximum excess is £750. We cover all costs above those two figures.

We service all our cars every 10,000 miles. Your regular free service gives you peace of mind by keeping your car roadworthy and keeping you on the road.

Your service includes: an oil change as well as new oil and air and pollen filters. We will service your car at a time that suits you.

The minimum contract is four weeks. After that time, you just need to give us two weeks’ notice to return your vehicle.

Yes. You just need to provide us with proof of your PCO fully comprehensive insurance. Bring your documents along.

Yes. KJ PCO’s insurance covers all kinds of drivers, including those who deliver takeaway food.

Yes. Our insurance policy also covers all types of courier drivers.

If you have had just one fault accident, we can usually still help you get on the road. We may not be able to help if you have had more fault accidents.

Yes. You can work for a mini cab office, Bolt, Ola or any of the other licenced operators.

Yes. After three months you can cancel by giving us a month’s notice in writing. Cancelling your contract means you will lose the payments you have already made.

You will also have to pay for any excess mileage you have done above 900 miles a week. Please note there is a £250 fee if you choose to cancel before your contract has ended. You will also have to pay for any damage from accidents you are involved in during your contract period.

If you had a fault accident while you had a rent-to-buy agreement, you will still be liable for the full year’s insurance.

You can do as many miles as you like. You will need to pay an excess charge if you go over 900 miles a week or 48,000 miles a year. Our mileage limit is based on typical use by KJ PCO drivers. We charge £0.20p per mile if you drive more than our maximum limits.

More and more of our customers drive KJ PCO cars that are exempt from emission charges. Penalty charge notices come to us first because our name is on the logbook. When this happens, we pass the penalty charge notice over to you. It is up to you whether to pay for or appeal the charge.

Our £12 administration fee is for the time it takes us to handle a penalty charge notice for you.

Our customers come to us for fantastic customer service and competitive rates. More and more now prefer our rent-to-buy contracts https://www.kjpco.co.uk/rent-to-buy/. This is because they are investing in a car they will own at the end of the contract. We transfer all the documentation to you when your contract ends.

Speak to our team if you need any details on our rent-to-buy offers. See our contacts page for details contact us.

Your KJ PCO vehicle comes with fully comprehensive PCO insurance, regular services, MOTs when they are needed, road tax, breakdown cover for your peace of mind and a private hire licence.

Parts that wear and tear, like tyres and brakes, are not included with your rent-to-buy contract. You are responsible for replacing tyres and brakes.

Speak to our team if you need any details on our rent-to-buy offers. See our contacts page for details contact us.

Our rent-to-buy agreement means you can enjoy up to four weeks’ holiday a year. You will be free to take a two-week break before you return to work for at least three months.

You will be eligible for your holiday breaks just six months after signing your agreement with us. We will simply add the time you took off to the end of your agreement with us.

We also believe our PCO hire customers deserve a break. You can take a two-week holiday at a discounted rate of 50 percent of your rental amount during a six-month hire period. This comes into effect after 12 weeks of the contract. You must return to complete your six-month agreement following your holiday.

For our PCO car hire, there is a £300 refundable deposit. For our rent-to-buy vehicles, you pay a non-refundable down payment starting from £300.

The amount of deposit you pay depends on the type of car and agreement you choose. Deposits start at £300 for our PCO car hire and rent-to-buy vehicles.

Unfortunately, your KJ PCO car is not insured to travel outside the UK.

When you contract ends, you pay a £250 fee for us to transfer the logbook over to you.

We will be delighted to help you. We have built our business on great customer service. Please get in touch with us with any question you have. contact us.

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